Austria launches new online services for designs

    The Austrian Patent Office-ÖPA (Österreichisches Patentamt) has implemented the Software Package Front Office (SPFO) for filing design applications online, supported by the European Cooperation projects at EUIPO.

    Previously it was not possible to file design applications online at ÖPA.

    The new digital platform helps users to file design applications in a simple and efficient way.

    The new system is easy to access, including from mobile devices, and it provides guidance and tips for users through the different steps in the application. It is able to process standard and multiple designs as well as divisional design applications.

    The release follows the recent implementation of e-filing for trade marks. ÖPA is also the first intellectual property office to integrate DesignClass, the online tool for harmonised product indications, in its e-filing for designs.

    Further cooperation projects with ÖPA are planned, such as e-services and the implementation of the Software Package Back Office in 2020.

    E-filing for designs is one of the outcomes of the European Cooperation projects, focused on the continuous improvement of IP online tools and services in the European Union Intellectual Property Network (EUIPN). The overall aim of the projects is to benefit users across the EU by providing modern, state of the art tools and services for intellectual property offices.