CP3 extension to the Republic of Serbia

    The Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Serbia (IPORS) has included the principles of the Common Practice in relation to figurative marks containing descriptive or non-distinctive words (CP3) in their methodology, which was developed by the European Union Intellectual Property Network (EUIPN). This achievement was due to the joint efforts and collaborative work of the IPORS and the EUIPO.

    The IPORS is at the forefront of the non-EU intellectual property offices in the Balkan region in finding common grounds with the criteria under CP3.

    The IPORS methodology provides a clear and comprehensive explanation of the principles on which the practice is based. These principles will be generally applied by the IPORS and the intellectual property offices within the EUIPN. Their publication aims to increase transparency, legal certainty and predictability to benefit users.

    The methodology applied by the Intellectual Property Office to the Procedure Relating to the Registration of Trade Marks and the Procedures Based on Registered Trade Marks is also available in Serbian.

    The publication of this methodology by the IPORS is the final result of this activity, which falls under the EUIPO’s International Cooperation framework.