DesignClass goes live - news

    DesignClass goes live

    A new design classification tool, DesignClass, has been launched by OHIM.

    The tool, built on the same lines as TMClass, includes a harmonised database of product indications (HDBPI).

    The HDBPI contains approximately 13,000 concepts including Locarno Classification terms and other terms pre-approved and pre-validated by 24 participating EU offices, in 23 EU languages.

    DesignClass is the most extensive free, online resource of pre-accepted product indications available to users.

    DesignClass is live and may be consulted for classification questions related to designs as of today. However, users should note that it is not yet the definitive guide to OHIM's practice on the matter.

    OHIM will undertake a series of actions to adjust practice and systems, and our intention is to make DesignClass fully available for our users during the course of 2016.

    EU IP offices can also implement the tool into their own e-filing systems, on a voluntary basis and according to their own established procedures.

    DesignClass was developed by the Convergence Programme at OHIM as part of the CP7 – Harmonisation of Product Indications project.