European Cooperation: faster, more efficient Back Office for Latvian Patent Office

    The Latvian Patent Office has implemented an improved version of the Back Office system, developed under the ECP2 work stream of the European Cooperation Service at EUIPO.

    The Back Office system powers the processing of the complete lifecycle for trade marks and designs at national and regional IP offices.

    The system was developed and implemented during the course of EUIPO’s first Strategic Plan as part of the Cooperation Fund.

    The first set of improvements focused on modernising and simplifying the technology stack of the system.

    The Latvian Patent Office was the first EU IP office to undertake the Back Office improvement under the new European Cooperation programme.

    To implement the system, Latvian IP and IT experts worked collaboratively with the European Cooperation teams at EUIPO to ensure a seamless transition to the new system, and to deliver a better service for Latvian users.

    Under the provisions of Article 151 EUTMR, EUIPO and its stakeholders are working together on five European Cooperation Projects, with a range of separate subprojects addressing different objectives.