European Cooperation: IP User Repository in Lithuania

    The State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania (VPB) has become the first office to implement the European Cooperation Project ‘IP User Repository (IPUR)’. The implementation in VPB took place on 31 May 2021, after an initial pilot phase of the tool was tested in Portugal, Denmark and Slovenia.

    IPUR is a support tool developed as part of the EUIPO’s European cooperation projects’ framework. It aims to help IP offices identify and correct duplicated user records (personal data).

    The tool uses artificial intelligence to identify potential personal records that might belong to the same entity, given some preliminary criteria defined by the office. Based on these criteria, the tool proposes the matches as clusters for the office to review.

    The main outcome of the project is to help offices maintain a ‘clean’ database of users without duplicates or incomplete personal data. A cleaner IP user database will contribute to reducing the number of errors in the e-filing process and the number of delays in the examination process, as well as improving interactions with customers and helping create their IP right portfolios.

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