European cooperation: Over 600 certifications for IP offices

    The EUIPO has attained 635 certifications in the framework of the European Cooperation Project ‘ECP5 Project Management Certification for IP offices’, reaching the majority of the participating intellectual property offices of the EU since the project began in 2016.

    Within the EUIPO’s Strategic Plan 2020, this cooperation project aimed to support staff members from all national and regional IP offices of the EU to get certified in two different levels of the PRINCE2® Project Management methodology, Foundation and Practitioner.

    The PRINCE2® (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is a widely used methodology, which is scalable and easily tailored to any kind of project and recognised by all EU institutions and international organisations.

    During the five years of the project, 464 Foundation certifications have been obtained, surpassing the initial objective of 400 Foundation certifications. Despite the current constraints for physical training sessions with the COVID-19 pandemic, more certifications are expected in the next months, building the ground for a raising number of Practitioner certifications and Project Management Offices (PMO).

    As requested by IP offices, the project will continue, also including new types of certifications, as part of the portfolio of European Cooperation Projects under the new Strategic Plan 2025.