European Cooperation Points of Contact Touching Base 2021 Meeting

    On 8 June, the ‘European Cooperation Points of Contact’ 2021 meeting took place, in a hybrid approach at the EUIPO premises as well as online, with the participation of the ‘Points of Contact’ from all the intellectual property offices of the EU Member States.

    Reunited after several months, the Points of Contact and the EUIPO celebrated the completion of the first decade of existence of the European Union Intellectual Property Network (EUIPN).

    The meeting focused on the organisation of the upcoming European Cooperation Projects Working Groups and the presentation of the revamped EUIPN public website. The agenda also included information on the procedure and opportunities to become a Seconded National Expert; and an update regarding the evaluation of usage on certain tools.

    The event’s highlight was the presentations delivered on the EUIPO’s ‘Robust Digital Backbone’ and ‘Digital Evolution Programme’, which provided an update on the initiatives to navigate current and future challenges and opportunities in the field of technology. These presentations included cloud computing, blockchain and artificial intelligence projects that aim to drive the EUIPO towards the digital transformation outlined in the Strategic Plan 2025.

    The Points of Contact are a key component of the EUIPN as well as the focal points in the Member States’ IP offices. The EUIPO liaises with each Point of Contact to communicate new initiatives, upcoming events, requests and other matters related to European cooperation.