European cooperation: TMview visual search extended to all EU IP offices with the integration of Latvia

    As of 20 May 2021, the Patent Office of the Republic of Latvia (LRPV) has made its trade mark images available in TMview. The images have been added to the visual search tool within TMview, which allows users to search for trade mark images from the integrated countries.

    TMview’s visual search can be accessed by clicking on the camera icon in the search bar.

    With the incorporation of the LRPV, all intellectual property offices in the European Union have included their trade mark images in TMview.

    Since 2017, when the first image search facility was implemented in TMview, the EU intellectual property offices have gradually incorporated this capability into their search facilities.

    The extended visual search in TMview is a result of the work undertaken as part of the EUIPO’s European Cooperation Projects in close cooperation with the EU intellectual property offices.