European Cooperation: Transposition of Trade Mark Directive Malta

    The Maltese Commerce Department (IPRD), responsible for Industrial Property in Malta, has launched an updated version of their software to address the various changes required to comply with the transposition of the Trade Mark Directive.

    The main changes to the front and back office e-filing systems include: implementing a pre-registration opposition process including changes to internal processes, rules and letters; an improved publication system; changes to public data visible in publications and oppositions; adding new forms of marks.

    Further cooperation projects with the IPRD are planned in the coming months to continue improving processes for the staff and users of the Maltese office.

    In total, the EUIPO and its stakeholders are collaborating on five major European Cooperation Projects, with the main aim of benefiting users across the EU by providing modern, state-of-the-art tools and services for EU IP offices.