Liaison Meeting on Trade Marks at EUIPO

    The EUIPO is hosting the 21st Liaison Meeting on Trade Marks from 2-3 April.

    Experts from the intellectual property offices of the EU Member States, candidate countries and countries from the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), as well as representatives from the European Commission and User Associations are meeting to discuss the latest developments in the area of trade marks.

    Topics on the agenda include the implementation of the EUIPO’s current Strategic Plan and Work Programme, the consultation on the Strategic Plan 2025, and the implementation of the legislative reform and the transposition of the new Trade Mark Directive. The state of play of the European Cooperation Projects and the global impact of tools and practices developed under the European Union Intellectual Property Network is also being addressed during the course of the two days.

    The meeting also focuses on discussing Common Practices (CP8 – ‘Use of a trade mark in a form differing from the one registered’ and CP9 – ‘Distinctiveness of shape marks containing other elements when the shape itself is non-distinctive’) and the application of CP5 – ‘Relative Grounds – Likelihood of Confusion (Impact of non-distinctive/weak components)’. Further topics include practices in the area of certification marks, case law in relation to figurative marks and new types of trade marks (CP11), and the latest developments under the Products and Services Quality Programme.

    The Liaison Meetings represent an official forum to discuss technical and expert matters and therefore constitute an important step towards the continuous development and sustainability of a European Union Intellectual Property Network (EUIPN).