Liaison Meetings on Trade Marks and Designs at EUIPO

    From 22-24 October, the EUIPO hosts the 22nd Liaison Meeting on Trade Marks and the 18th Liaison Meeting on Designs.

    Experts from the national and regional intellectual property offices of the EU Member States, candidate countries and countries from the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), as well as representatives from the European Commission and User Associations meet to discuss the latest developments in the area of trade marks and designs and exchange technical expertise.

    Topics on the agenda include an overview of the draft SP2025 development process and the preliminary outline of the new European Cooperation Projects’ definitions

    Participants will be also provided with an overview of the latest developments of the ‘Support to the transposition’ project. A presentation of the ‘Guidelines 2019: main change of practice’ and practice and case law on the ‘Distinctiveness of names of colours’ are also included in the agenda. Clarity and precision of the representation of the design in the light of the legal reform will be addressed during a panel discussion, following an outline of the current situation on the EU legislation on design protection.

    The meeting also includes round tables on the previously implemented common practices on ‘Black and White Marks’ (CP4) and ‘Harmonisation of product indications’ (CP7). The CP9 Common Practice (‘Distinctiveness of shape marks containing other elements when the shape itself is non-distinctive’) will be presented for acknowledgment by the Liaison Meeting on Trade Marks and CP10 (‘Disclosure of Designs on the Internet’) by the Liaison Meeting on Designs, and agreement will be sought to propose it to the Management Board.

    The Liaison Meetings constitute an official forum to discuss technical and expert matters and therefore represent an important step towards the continuous development and sustainability of the European Union Intellectual Property Network (EUIPN).