Malta is the first EU country to join the IP Register in Blockchain


    On 30 June the Industrial Property Registrations Directorate (IPRD) of the Maltese Commerce Department implemented the latest upgrade to the Common Tools Integration (CTI) tool. The upgrade took place as part of the ‘ECP2: Major Improvements to TMview and DesignView’ project.

    The latest version of CTI supports data quality checks on trade marks and designs as well as providing seamless integration with the IP Register in Blockchain network.

    Blockchain technology will open the door to new services in the intellectual property ecosystem. This will transform the way IP offices and users interact.

    Thanks to the joint effort by the EUIPO and the Maltese Commerce Department, through CTI, Malta’s trade marks are now connected to the IP Register in Blockchain, further expanding this state-of-the-art and innovative IP rights network.