TM5 Mid-Term Meeting at INTA

    The Japan Patent Office hosted the Mid-Term Trade Mark 5 (TM5) meeting which took place in Boston, United States of America, on 18 May 2019 during the INTA Annual Meeting.

    The meeting involved discussions on the partners’ respective leading projects in preparation of the 8th TM5 Annual Meeting.

    Among 14 on-going cooperation projects, the EUIPO reported on the ‘User-friendly Access to Trade Mark Information (TMview)’, ‘User Association Involvement’, and ‘Priority Rights’ projects.

    Both EUIPO and CNIPA committed to progressing in completing the integration of Chinese trade mark data into TMview, the world’s largest free online search platform with over 50 million trade marks and over 60 intellectual property offices participating, including the USPTO, KPO and JPO.

    Furthermore, the EUIPO co-leads two projects, ‘Fraudulent Solicitations’ with the USPTO and ‘Quality Management’ with JPO, and also presented a concept for a new project on e-commerce. Partners agreed to continue discussing on this topic at this year’s Annual Meeting, together with an initiative related to risk monitoring.

    Following the Mid-Term meeting, the TM5 partners hosted a User Session during INTA on 19 May, which covered various topics including the EUIPO led projects, the Raising Awareness about Trademark Infringement project, CNIPA’s introduction to the newly launched Trademark Online Service System, the opening and sharing of the Trademark Database, and the application of the smart retrieval of trade mark devices.

    TM5 is the name given to the multilateral cooperation forum of the five largest trade mark offices in the world, which includes the United States Patent and Trademark office (USPTO), the Japan Patent Office (JPO), the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), the newly born China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) and the EUIPO. Together, the five Offices are responsible for 60 % of the world’s internationally filed trade marks.

    The TM5 Annual Meeting will take place on 10-11 December 2019 in Tokyo.