CP6. Convergence on graphic representations of Designs

The objective of this project is to define a common practice for the graphic representation of a design which safeguards both the principle of legal certainty and the objective of having a flexible system of design registration available for users. The following four topics will be part of the scope (Neutral background, Disclaimers, Type of Views and a benchmark exercise on Format of Views).

The outcome of the project will be a new Common Practice that will be officially endorsed.

Following are the project deliverables:

  • A document on the new Common Practice
  • A document on the Common Communication informing on what  IP Offices will implement and when.
  • A document on the Communication Strategy: what are the target audiences, what channels should we use to reach them and what is our key message.
  • A document on the Implementation Strategy: once the common practice is defined, what steps does an Office need to undertake in order to implement this common practice.
  • An analysis on how to follow up on the continuity of the Common Practice: the market constantly evolves and therefore we will need to be able to assure that the Common Practice evolves along.

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