CP1. Harmonisation on Trade Marks Classification Practice of G&S

This project is a great example of the synergy between the Cooperation Fund and the Convergence Programme.

In a first step TMClass is the outcome of a Cooperation Fund project where a common classification tool for all participating offices has been created. This tool is now the basis of the Harmonisation of Classification project that will have as a final aim to reach a common classification practice.

It is for historical reasons that the project brief below addresses both the Cooperation Fund project (the common tool) and the Convergence programme project (the common practice).

The aim of this project is to reach a Common classification practice, by establishing:


  • 1) A common list of acceptable terms comprising acceptable Nice class Heading terms and harmonised terms in all EU languages, the harmonised offices use the same database of pre-approved Goods & Services
  • 2) A common list of non-acceptable terms comprising list of non-acceptable Nice Class Heading terms and harmonised non-acceptable terms in all EU languages
  • 3) Taxonomy – a hierarchical structure in entries of Goods and Services.

   Main deliverables reached within the CP1 project:

  • Harmonised database – a common database of almost 65.000 acceptable terms which are implemented and maintained currently by 26 harmonised offices ((incl. EUIPO): EUIPO, IE, SE, GB, ES, MT, IT, PT, EE, GR, BG, PL, SK, HR, CZ, SI, DE, BX, CY, LT, LV, HU, AT, DK, RO, FI)
  • Common list of acceptable and non-acceptable general indications of the Nice Class Headings resulted from the review of all general indications of the Nice Class Headings – communicated on 20 November 2013 by means of Common Communication on the Common Practice on the General Indications of the Nice Class Headings
  • The reasons why these terms are found as not sufficiently clear and precise unless further specified, were included in the Common Communication
  • Common classification practice communicated on 20 February 2014 by means of Common Communication on the Common Practice on the Acceptability of Classification Terms
  • Common list of the non-acceptable classification terms; these terms are any classification terms which the offices find as sufficiently clear and precise
  • Taxonomy was created to hierarchically structure goods and services in the Harmonised database by means of smaller groups within each Nice goods and service class, relating to the market reality.
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