IP tools development by the Cooperation Fund

The Cooperation Fund builds state of the art, user-friendly IP tools for EU IP offices and individual users across Europe and the world.

Since it was set up in 2010, the Fund has created and developed IT solutions for use across the intellectual property landscape. Some tools support examiners, some are aimed at business and some have been built for the enforcement community. The Cooperation Fund´s tools provide a wealth of information on trade mark, design and classification issues.

The tools are grouped under the following headings: 

  • Search and Classification: These tools enable users to search the existing trade marks and designs of participating offices and find the right terms for classification. The tools are completely free to use and updated daily.
  • IP Services and Quality: These tools help to increase transparency and certainty for users, and aid in standardising and modernising processes in participating IP Offices.
  • IP Enforcement and Awareness: These tools support enforcement and business to share information on IP infringements safely and securely, as well as raising IP awareness among small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).


Search and classification tools


Trade mark search tool


Trade mark classification tool


Registered designs search tool


Design classification tool

Ip services and quality

Software Package

Web based suite of tools supporting the trade marks and designs lifecycle

Terminology Maintenance Console

Common administrative tool used to maintain the Harmonised Database of terms for goods and services classification

Common Gateway for Applications

An easy and efficient way to access the European Trade Mark and Design Network.

XML and architecture standards

TM.XML standards extension and architecture definition


A seniority claim allows you to maintain the right obtained in a member state, under the EUTM.


Generating trade mark and design filing forecasts for IP Offices


EU IP Offices quality standards


IP Office assessments of similarity of G&S


A common support tool for examiners

Common User Satisfaction Survey

Harmonised survey system for IP Offices

Common Contact Centre Database

Common tool to handle user information and support services for IP Offices

Ip enforcement and awareness

Enforcement Database

Helping business and enforcement in the fight against counterfeit goods


Cross border data sharing for enforcers

e-Learning for SMEs

Concise and easy IP e-learning for SMEs


Anti-counterfeiting Rapid Intelligence System