Convergence on graphic representations meeting

The working group on Convergence Project CP6 (convergence on graphic representations of designs) meets today 15 October at OHIM.

New FAQs document for Convergence CP4

The document updates FAQs about the Common Practice on the scope of protection of B&W marks

11th Liaison Meeting on trade marks

The 11th Liaison Meeting on trade marks is being held in OHIM between 8 and 9 April.

Finland now part of the Harmonised Database

The Finnish Patent and Registration Office has joined the Common Harmonised Database of Goods and Services for trade mark classification.

EuropeanTMDN News available in 23 languages

The latest edition of ETMDN News – the newsletter of the European Trade Mark and Design Network – is now available in 23 EU languages.

Forecasting tool goes live

The new tool enables IP Offices to generate reliable filings forecasts, supporting strategic planning and optimal resource allocation.

EuropeanTMDN News out now

Get the latest news from the European Trade Mark and Design Network, its common initiatives and projects.

The Back Office project kicks off accross Europe

An OHIM team is in Athens for two weeks, working with both Greek offices to prepare the Back Office project. As the pilots near completion in Finland and Poland, 10 other IP offices are getting...

TMclass now available in Arabic

As and from today, 21st July, the graphical user interface (GUI) of TMclass, OHIM’s free classification tool, is available in Arabic.

Harmonisation of Classification meeting

EU national and regional IP Offices, WIPO and user associations will meet today 2 July in OHIM, in the context of the harmonisation of classification project (CP1), part of the Convergence Programme.