Virtual Informative Sessions on European Cooperation Projects

On 6-8 April 2020, the EUIPO organised a series of virtual informative sessions with intellectual property offices to review the future development of the European Cooperation Projects (ECP) during...

Australia joins TMview

As of 6 April 2020, IP Australia has made its trade mark data available to the TMview search tool.

Launch of improved TMview and DesignView

The EUIPO has launched improved versions of TMview and DesignView, the world’s largest free trade mark and design search engines.

Common Communications on CP9 and CP10 published

The EUIPO has published the CP9 Common Practice ‘Distinctiveness of three-dimensional marks (shape marks) containing verbal and/or figurative elements when the shape is not distinctive in itself’...

Georgian IP Office now aligned with CP6

The National Intellectual Property Center of Georgia (Sakpatenti) has published a practice paper concerning graphic representation of designs.

COVID 19 Update: measures in place after activation of ‘state of alarm’ in Spain

On 14 March, the Spanish government activated a ‘state of alarm’ due to the spread of COVID-19 across Spain.

Visual search for TMview extended to Poland

TMview’s visual search facility, which allows users to search for trade mark images in the world’s largest online trade mark database continues to grow.

Panama joins TMclass and DesignClass

As of 16 March 2020, the General Directorate of the Industrial Property Registry of Panama (DIGERPI) is part of the TMclass and DesignClass tools. DIGERPI now uses and accepts the list of terms...

New e-learning modules in cooperation with MARQUES

The EUIPO, together with MARQUES, has developed two new e-learning modules on intellectual property within the framework of the ‘ECP3 Academy Learning Portal’ cooperation project.

Consultation on CP11 – New Types of Trade Marks

The draft Common Practice documents of the work-streams 1 and 2 of the project CP11 ‘New Types of Trade Mark – Examination of formal requirements and grounds for refusal and invalidity’ have...