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State Office for Inventions and Trademarks
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State Office for Inventions and Trademarks

5 Ion Ghica Street, Sector 3, 030044 Bucharest, RO

+40 213159066

+40 213123819




(including trade mark e-filing, designs e-filing and e-services under the Software Package)

Implemented in 2013 or earlier

Common Gateway for Applications

An easy and efficient way to access the European Trade Mark and Design Network.


Trade mark search tool


A seniority claim allows you to maintain the right obtained in a member state, under the EUTM.

Software Package

Web based suite of tools supporting the trade marks and designs lifecycle


EU IP Offices quality standards


Trade mark classification tool

CP2. Convergence of Class Headings

Reach a common interpretation on the Nice Class Headings (project closed)


Cross border data sharing for enforcers

e-Learning for SMEs

Concise and easy IP e-learning for SMEs

Common User Satisfaction Survey

Harmonised survey system for IP Offices

IP Enforcement Portal

The single EU platform to deal with IPR enforcement matters


A common support tool for examiners

Implemented in 2014


Registered designs search tool


IP Office assessments of similarity of G&S

Common Contact Centre Database

Common tool to handle user information and support services for IP Offices


Registered designs search tool

CP4 – Scope of Protection of Black and White (B&W) Marks

Trade marks exclusively in black, white and/or shades of grey (project closed)

CP1. Harmonisation on Trade Marks Classification Practice of G&S

Creating a common classification database and practice (project closed)


Generating trade mark and design filing forecasts for IP Offices

Implemented in 2015

CP5. Relative Grounds – Likelihood of Confusion (Impact of non-distinctive/weak components)

The objective of this project is to harmonize the different interpretations on how to deal with non-distinctive/weak components of trade marks in the context of the examination of relative grounds for refusal (likelihood of confusion) (project closed)