What is Quality?

What is Quality?

The Quality tool provides a common statement of transparent service commitments for end users, which are structured to enable adoption by any European Industrial Property office.

Quality Standards by Category

Projects Principles


We, the Presidents of Participating Offices, commit to provide a common statement of transparent quality standards regarding Trade Marks and Designs, to meet the needs of our customers.


Our vision is to offer a service of quality, transparent and harmonized with other offices to our users. We do this by publishing our performance and by working to continually improve our service.


The purpose of the Common Service Charter is to provide Participating Offices with a tool which will stimulate quality and continual improvement of services by sharing best practices and benchmark data and to provide customers with useful information.


The Common Service Charter represents the service commitments related to Trade Marks and Designs of Participating Offices:
  • National Intellectual Property Center of Georgia (SAKPATENTI)
  • State Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Croatia (SIPO)
  • Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria (BPO)
  • Department of Register of Companies and Intellectual Property (DRCIP)
  • Czech Patent and Trademark Office (IPOCZ)
  • Danish Patent and Trademark Office (DKPTO)
  • Estonian Patent Office (EPA)
  • Oficina Española de Patentes y Marcas (OEPM)
  • National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland (PRH)
  • Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle (INPI)
  • The Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation (OBI)
  • Hungarian Intellectual Property Office (HIPO)
  • Intellectual Property Office of Ireland (IPOI)
  • The State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania (VPB)
  • Patent Office of the Republic of Latvia (LRPV)
  • Commerce Department, Industrial Property Registrations Directorate (CD-IPRD)
  • Polish Patent Office (PPO)
  • Intituto Nacional da Propiedade Industrial (INPI-PT)
  • State Office for Inventions and Trade Marks (OSIM)
  • Swedish Patent and Registration Office, Patent department (PRV)
  • Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic (SKIPO)
  • Slovenian Intellectual Property Office (SIPO)
  • European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)