Common standards and practices for enhanced transparency, consistency and certainty

The EUIPN has created a number of common practices that ensure application for trade mark and design registration, as well as examination, is consistent across National and Regional IP Offices.

Trade Marks

CP1. Harmonisation on Trade Marks Classification Practice of G&S

Creating a common classification database and practice (project closed)

CP3. Absolute Grounds - Figurative Marks

Harmonize the different interpretations

CP2. Convergence of Class Headings

Reach a common interpretation on the Nice Class Headings (project closed)

CP4 – Scope of Protection of Black and White (B&W) Marks

Trade marks exclusively in black, white and/or shades of grey (project closed)

CP5. Relative Grounds – Likelihood of Confusion (Impact of non-distinctive/weak components)

The objective of this project is to harmonize the different interpretations on how to deal with non-distinctive/weak components of trade marks in the context of the examination of relative grounds for refusal (likelihood of confusion) (project closed)


CP6. Convergence on graphic representations of Designs

Common guidelines for the graphic representation of a design.

CP7. Harmonisation of Product Indications

A common harmonised product indication database and harmonised practice by using a common classification list.

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