Inclusion on paper or cardboard products-namely, posters, souvenir concert programs, stickers, calendars, photographs and decals
Paper and Stationery
Prints and Publications
Trade mark
(210)/(260)Application number73433241
(270)Application languageen
(220)Application date1983-07-05
Trade mark officeUnited States - USPTO
(190)Registration officeUS
(111)Registration number1306972
(151)Registration date1984-11-27
Kind of IPRTrade mark
(550)Trade mark typeStylized characters
(551)Kind of markIndividual
(511)Nice classification016
Current trade mark statusRegistered
Status date2014-11-23
Opposition period start date1984-09-18
Trade distinctivenessfalse
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(510)List of goods and services
Classification version
Classification kindNice
Mark standard character
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Classification version
Classification kindDomestic
Mark standard character
NameIron Maiden Holdings Limited
(842)Applicant legal entityCorporation
(811)Applicant nationality codeGB
Address countryGB
StreetBridle House36 Bridle Lane
CityLondon W1F 9BZ
NameMartha Gayle Barber
NameMartha Gayle Barber
(750)Correspondence address
AddressMartha Gayle Barber
Alston & Bird LLP
101 South Tryon Street, Suite 4000
Charlotte NC 28280-4000
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Exhibition priority
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International registration transformation
No entry for application number US500000073433241
Publication numberPublication sectionPublication datePublication page
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Trade mark events
(580)Event dateEvent description
2020-11-03Notice of suit
2020-08-05Notice of suit
2020-03-31Notice of suit
2018-10-29Notice of suit
2014-11-27Renewal of the trademark
2014-11-23Registered and renewed (second renewal - 10 yrs)
2014-11-23Registered - sec. 8 (10-yr) accepted/sec. 9 granted
2014-11-23Notice of acceptance of sec. 8 & 9 - e-mailed
2014-11-23Case assigned to post registration paralegal
2014-11-05Teas section 8 & 9 received
2009-02-19Teas change of owner address received
2009-02-19Applicant/correspondence changes (non-responsive) entered
2009-01-30Teas revoke/app/change addr of atty/dom rep received
2009-01-30Attorney/dom.rep.revoked and/or appointed
2009-01-15Teas change of correspondence received
2008-05-23Case file in ticrs
2005-08-11Registered and renewed (first renewal - 10 yrs)
2005-08-11Registered - sec. 8 (10-yr) accepted/sec. 9 granted
2005-08-11Assigned to paralegal
2005-04-20Teas section 8 & 9 received
2004-11-27Registered - combined section 8 (10-yr) & sec. 9 filed
1991-04-23Registered - sec. 8 (6-yr) accepted
1991-04-18Response received to post reg. action
1991-02-27Post registration action mailed - sec. 8
1990-11-14Registered - sec. 8 (6-yr) filed
1984-11-27Registered-principal register
1984-09-18Published for opposition
1984-07-18Notice of publication
1984-06-01Approved for pub - principal register
1984-05-31Examiners amendment mailed
1984-05-09Correspondence received in law office
1984-01-03Non-final action mailed
1983-12-28Assigned to examiner
No entry for application number US500000073433241
No entry for application number US500000073433241
Kind of recordRenewal
Record filing date2014-11-27