Compact discs and software programs for multimedia or video games; computer game programs recorded on magnetic and electronic media and user manuals sold as a unit
Games, Toys and Sporting Good
Cutlery, Machinery, Tools and Parts Thereof
Prints and Publications
Merchandise Not Otherwise Classified
Trade mark
(210)/(260)Application number74656346
(270)Application languageen
(220)Application date1995-04-05
Trade mark officeUnited States - USPTO
(190)Registration officeUS
(111)Registration number2009119
(151)Registration date1996-10-15
Kind of IPRTrade mark
(550)Trade mark typeWord
(551)Kind of markIndividual
(511)Nice classification28
Current trade mark statusRegistration cancelled
Status date2003-07-19
Opposition period start date1996-01-16
Trade distinctivenessfalse
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(510)List of goods and services
Classification versionNice
Classification kindNice
Mark standard character
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Several translations were found in different classes
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Classification versionDomestic
Classification kindDomestic
Mark standard character
Name3DO Company, The
(842)Applicant legal entityCorporation
(811)Applicant nationality codeUS
Address countryUS
Street600 Galveston Drive
CityRedwood City
NameCatherine Hunt Rundle
(750)Correspondence address
AddressCatherine Hunt Rundle
The 3DO Company
Legal Department
600 Galveston Drive
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Exhibition priority
No entry for application number US500000074656346
No entry for application number US500000074656346
International registration transformation
No entry for application number US500000074656346
Publication numberPublication sectionPublication datePublication page
No entry for application number US500000074656346
Trade mark events
(580)Event dateEvent description
2003-07-19Cancelled sec. 8 (6-yr)
1996-10-15Registered-principal register
1996-08-23Allowed principal register - sou accepted
1996-08-22Assigned to examiner
1996-08-01Statement of use processing complete
1996-05-10Use amendment filed
1996-04-09Noa mailed - sou required from applicant
1996-01-16Published for opposition
1995-12-15Notice of publication
1995-09-22Approved for pub - principal register
1995-09-21Examiner's amendment mailed
1995-09-15Assigned to examiner
Kind of recordCancellation
Record filing date2003-07-19
Record statusCancelled sec. 8 (6-yr)
No entry for application number US500000074656346
No entry for application number US500000074656346