Downloadable computer and electronic game programs
Entertainment services, namely, providing online computer and electronic games
Electrical Apparatus, Machines and Supplies
Cutlery, Machinery, Tools and Parts Thereof
Measuring and Scientific Appliances
Musical Instruments and Supplies
Prints and Publications
Advertising and Business
Education and Entertainment
Trade mark
(210)/(260)Application number86099549
(270)Application languageen
(220)Application date2013-10-23
Trade mark officeUnited States - USPTO
(190)Registration officeUS
(111)Registration number4547469
(151)Registration date2014-06-10
Kind of IPRTrade mark
(550)Trade mark typeWord
(551)Kind of markIndividual
(511)Nice classification009,041
Current trade mark statusRegistered
Status date2019-12-17
Opposition period start date2014-03-25
Trade distinctivenessfalse
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(510)List of goods and services
Classification version
Classification kindNice
Mark standard character
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Classification version
Classification kindDomestic
Mark standard character
NameThe Fun Pimps Entertainment LLC
(842)Applicant legal entityLimited liability company
(811)Applicant nationality codeUS
Address countryUS
Street510 Lakeway
NameJ. Pat Heptig
(750)Correspondence address
AddressThe Fun Pimps Entertainment LLC
510 Lakeway
Allen TX 75013
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Exhibition priority
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International registration transformation
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Publication numberPublication sectionPublication datePublication page
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Trade mark events
(580)Event dateEvent description
2019-12-17Registered - sec. 8 (6-yr) accepted & sec. 15 ack.
2019-12-17Notice of acceptance of sec. 8 & 15 - e-mailed
2019-12-16Teas revoke/app/change addr of atty/dom rep received
2019-12-16Teas response to office action-post reg received
2019-12-16Attorney/dom.rep.revoked and/or appointed
2019-12-10Post registration action mailed - sec. 8 & 15
2019-12-10Case assigned to post registration paralegal
2019-11-05Teas section 8 & 15 received
2019-11-05Teas change of correspondence received
2019-06-10Courtesy reminder - sec. 8 (6-yr) e-mailed
2019-02-25Teas revoke/app/change addr of atty/dom rep received
2019-02-25Attorney/dom.rep.revoked and/or appointed
2014-06-10Registered-principal register
2014-03-25Published for opposition
2014-03-25Official gazette publication confirmation e-mailed
2014-03-05Notification of notice of publication e-mailed
2014-02-14Approved for pub - principal register
2014-02-07Assigned to examiner
2013-10-30Notice of pseudo mark e-mailed
2013-10-29New application office supplied data entered in tram
2013-10-26New application entered in tram
No entry for application number US500000086099549
No entry for application number US500000086099549
No entry for application number US500000086099549